Posted by: spasandadventures | June 13, 2007


Last month, I spent 4 days in Los Cabos, getting to know the area and visiting hotels and resorts.  As a travel consultant, specializing in spa vacations, specialty travel and active travel,  I take a few days throughout the year and head to the hot, new destinations.  Then, I have a personal and working knowledge of these destinations, pictures of the hotels and resorts and I can better advise my clients.  It allows me to match my clients and their interests and preferences to the destinations and resorts, resulting in a better experience. 

Los Cabos was wonderful!   The people were warm and friendly, the hotels and resorts are world-class, the food and wine is amazing and the white sand beaches with crashing waves are gorgeous.   Clients often ask me about where to go for their first international trip.  Los Cabos is a great place to start.  English is widely spoken and well-spoken, but Spanish is prevalent and it is not hard to get off the tourist path and into an more authentic experience in Mexico.  

I will be writing more about my trip to Los Cabos in the next few days! 


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