Posted by: spasandadventures | June 9, 2007

Small ship cruises

Largely, the trend in cruising is towards the larger ships with upwards of 3,000 passengers and the ships are basically a floating resort with a world-class spa, gourmet food, children’s activities, climbing walls, minature golf courses and bowling alleys.   These ships are absolutely fun, isn’t the beauty of travel to get a glimpse of a faraway destination and another culture? 

Luckily, there are many cruise lines and ships that focus on the destination and another culture.    You can cruise through the fjords of Norway with spectacular scenery and little towns, villages and hamlets along the coast where the residents are isolated, save for these cruise ships bringing supplies and mail.   There are Alaska cruises which change course so passengers can see wildlife grazing along the shore or a glacier calving into the ocean.  There are Mexico cruises where the focus is on sea-kayaking and whale-watching along the Baja Mexico coast in the daylight and listening to naturalist’s lecture on the marine biology of the region…instead of the latest Broadway-style show.    River cruises glide along the great rivers of Europe and Russia and China, stopping right in the center of town and guests can walk off the ship and mingle with locals.   If you love classical music, or gardens, or golf or cycling, there are river cruises and ocean cruises that feed these passions by day with the ports and offer learning opportunities about these passions by evening.

The good news is that there are cruises for all interests and passions, personal preferences and styles.   While the large cruise ships get most of the press because of their size and amenities, there are smaller cruise lines with a destination and cultural focus just waiting to be discovered.


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